• Image of MP11 Overdriver

The MP11 OVERDRIVER is a silicon/germanium hybrid overdrive featuring two NOS Germanium MP11 transistors. It's a four transistor design not unlike a Big Muff but it makes no attempt to approximate such things. Consider it a bastardised version of a classic and simple circuit. This unit can take you from kinda clean with a bit of colouration through to exploding amp distortion with a bit of sag.

Artwork by Billy Gibney


Level – Overall output (start low - can get very loud)

Gain – Amount of gain

Shape – There’s a few peaks and troughs across the sweep. Not exactly your standard tone control but the usual rules apply (darker to the left, brighter to the right). At noon there is a slight bump at 1kHz and a little bit of high end roll off. As you move CW this is smoothed out and less high end is rolled off. CCW does the opposite - smoothed out mids and less treble. This isn't a drastic tone control, it is designed to change the feel of the drive without diluting its character.

Low – 6dB per octave LOW CUT with the knee centred around 330Hz. This should help get rid of any woofy-ness at higher gain settings (if need be; sometimes a bit of woof is good)

NOTE: This pedal can sound different either side of a buffer. Generally it's a touch brighter and louder after/darker and quieter before.

This unit can ONLY be powered by a standard 9V CENTRE NEGATIVE power supply (BOSS 2.1mm style). Please don’t use anything else or you may cause serious damage.

[Please see 'Warranty' section for details]